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Self-Care for the Wisdom Years: Practical Ways to Celebrate the Mystery and Wonder of Aging (CD-Audio)

Self-Care for the Wisdom Years: Practical Ways to Celebrate the Mystery and Wonder of Aging Cover Image
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A bestselling self-care expert invites you to find inspiration in the changes and challenges of aging—and create a more authentic, soul-directed life.

What does aging mean to you? We often look at aging through the lens of what is lost, not what is gained. But as we grow older, we can find the freedom to cultivate a deeper, more meaningful experience of life. “The journey through midlife and beyond,” says Cheryl Richardson, “is when we make the shift from less ego to more soul.” With Self-Care for the Wisdom Years, this bestselling author shares her most valuable insights for helping you age consciously, so you can flourish as a wise and compassionate elder.

Self-care is the key to a rich and joyous experience of aging

Genuine self-care is not about hiding from our aging bodies or denying our mortality. As Cheryl explains, by facing these truths with honesty and presence, we actually disarm our fear and liberate ourselves to focus on what’s truly important. Through six audio sessions, she offers teachings, tools, journaling exercises, and guided practices to help you discover the opportunities and gifts of your later years. Join her to explore:

• A soul-directed life—why aging gives you a new chance to awaken to your authentic self
• Movement and rest—how tuning in to your body’s changing needs makes you stronger and more resilient
• Energy drains—ways to become more aware of and efficient about your vitality
• Investing in authentic connection—how to cultivate a soul family
• Come home to yourself—practices for becoming more present to life as it unfolds
• Awaken aliveness—discover the creativity, sensuality, and authenticity available in your wisdom years

“As we gently and lovingly challenge society’s beliefs about aging,” Cheryl says, “we can welcome in a new, empowered vision of what it means to be an awakened elder.” Her program is an invitation to question your conditioned thoughts about midlife and beyond—and embrace your wisdom years as a time for pleasure, personal authenticity, and new adventures.

About the Author

Cheryl Richardson is a New York Times bestselling author whose books include Take Time for Your Life, The Art of Extreme Self-Care, and her latest, Waking Up in Winter. Her work has been covered on Good Morning America, the Today Show, CBS This Morning, and many more. She was team leader for the Lifestyle Makeover Series on The Oprah Winfrey Show and joined Ms. Winfrey on the “Live Your Best Life” nationwide tour. She lives in Massachusetts. For more, visit

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ISBN: 9781683649045
ISBN-10: 1683649044
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: August 16th, 2022
Language: English